With the Covid-19 outbreak, the pandemic is spawning a tech revolution that will not only combat Covid-19 but forever change our lives for the better with technologies in everything from telemedicine and e-learning, home working or working remote to receiving a turboboost from the 5G roll-out especially in China.
Coronavirus technology will improve our daily lives long after the pandemic is over. When Wuhan’s Hongshan Sports Centre was converted, in the blink of an eye, into a Smart Field Hospital capable of taking 20,000 coronavirus patients, inmates were temperature-checked remotely by 5G-powered thermometers, and tagged with smart bracelets to enable 24-hour medical monitoring.
Medicines were delivered by robots, as was food. Robots also cleaned and disinfected, and supplied quarantine materials. Humanoid robots also led exercise classes. This was meticulous social distancing and contactless service to the extreme. But it also freed medical staff of huge amounts of routine, enabling them to concentrate on those in need of direct and immediate care.
Just as SARS outbreak spawned China’s e-commerce revolution, so the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic is incubating an even more radical revolution, turbocharged by the rolling out of 5G services. While we fervently hope the pandemic will subside quickly without too high a human cost, technology developed to enable us to function safely during the crisis will remain. It will benefit the world, but nowhere more than China and especially here in Hong Kong.
In China, Chinese authorities have enlisted the help of tech firms such as Alibaba and Tencent to track the spread of Covid-19, using “big data” analysis to anticipate where transmission clusters will emerge next. If one of the government takeaways from coronavirus is that “smart cities” including Songdo or Shenzhen are safer cities especially from a public health perspective. Therefore, the Hong Kong Smart City Association was born in hopes of making Hong Kong a smarter and safer city.
Hong Kong Smart City Association (HKSCA) is an independent, not-for-profit, membership based association representing Hong Kong’s local and global Smart City technologies and community.
HKSCA is a community for the community and led by a volunteer group of board members who care about the future of Smart City technologies especially in Hong Kong and the “Greater Bay Area” (China’s Silicon Valley).
The Association aims to support the development of Hong Kong as a leading Smart City: 

1.  Make Hong Kong the world's leading “Smart City” in terms of innovative technology.

2.  Educate and raise community awareness via workshops, meetups, panel discussions, and conferences.

3.  Advise the HKSAR government's in formulating policies and standards related to "Smart City" development and technologies.

4.  Accelerate tech startups through the introduction of investors, accelerators and strategic partners.

5.  Promote the early adoption of “Smart City” technologies.