After attending “2050” in 2019 and with the encouragement of Alibaba’s Dr. Wang Jian, Barbara was inspired to incorporate in record time the Hong Kong Smart City Association (HKSCA) with the same spirit of 2050. 


Barbara’s “pebble” is through the Hong Kong Smart City Association (HKSCA) empowering youth and encouraging them through technology and volunteerism.

Hence, the “Ripple Effect”… What is your “PEBBLE”?

In 2021, the Hong Kong Smart City Association (HKSCA) has already submitted application for Exemption under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Under Section 88 of the IRO, charitable institutions or trusts of a public character are exempt from tax as a “Recognized Charity,” meaning the donor can claim tax deduction for the donation over HKD100.


HKSCA’s Editor-In Chief providing HKSCA’s web content

HKSCA’s website developer


Technology support of HKSCA's website

Designer and creator of HKSCA‘s website

The 1st Prize for the Computer Design Competition of GuangDong

The 3nd Prize for the Computer Design Competition of China


Art support and logo designer of the HKSCA website


HKSCA & MIT’s Joshua Charles Woodard and under Bostem teach inner city kids in Chicago the Chinese language, MATH, and/or STEM.

Teaching Math and STEM to kids under the HKSCA.

Invent a First Aid Drone in Collaboration with the Fire Department & Emergency Services. 

Train Medical Staff or Village Heads with Drones.

Design a Racer Drone for Speed for Emergencies 


Teach STEM and Math via Zoom to Girls in Hong Kong. With Habitat of Humanity as a Co-Sponsor: Invent or Build Low-Cost Housing

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